Coffee Time Treats For All

Here's a tasty morsel to include at elevenses or afternoon tea and guess what? They're choc-full of healthy stuff. I make these on my low-carb diet so they' re sweetened with natural stevia and erythritol. Thy've been great for me (I've lost 37lb in 4 months) but would also be good for diabetics too as they contain less than 1g carbohydrate per serving. For those not on a diet, be assured they are delicious, provide a satisfying chew and wont send you on a massive sugar crash later in the day (unlike a candy bar or a pastry!).

Succulent coconut baked to a golden toasty brown and topped with home-made dark, dark bitter chocolate. I use organic raw cocoa butter and cacao powder as the base for this and add liquid sweetener and vanilla as well as lovely extra virgin coconut oil to soften the set on the chocolate.

Click on the photo to download a PDF of the recipe. Enjoy!

#macaroon #chocolatemacaroon #coconutmacaroon #lowcarbcake #lowcarb #recipe #ingredients #sugarfree #keto

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