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I'm really getting in the swing of these Amazon Giveaways. The last one got me over 2000 new Twitter followers in a week. It feels like I might actually be getting a personal link to my potential readers. Something the great 'Zon has never allowed in the past.

This week on The Virtual Book Café I'm featuring the paperback edition of my anthology of short stories and novelettes - 'The Love in a Hopeless Place Collection'. This box set contains five stories about love. Not love stories - but stories which detail humanity's life quest for love and acceptance. These are not pretty tales - they're often ugly and harsh, played out on the seedier side of town. From the award-winning 'Sub-Prime' to the sensuous 'Love in a Hopeless Place' you are guaranteed five full-flavoured ristretto shots of fiction.

Five Star Reviews for Love in a Hopeless Place Collection:

“Gritty, urban and with an inherent 'seediness'; there is some powerful dialogue and the author does a superb job of tapping into the inner core of some pretty raw emotion.”

"Author Calin simply excels at short, sharp stories.”

"Powerful condensed full-flavoured shot of reality."

See if you win - enter here

If it's after the 5th May (draw end date) OR you can't wait for the draw ;-) you could always get your own copy (click the image to go to Amazon in your region)...

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