Romance & Suspense in Baja - Orion's Gift by Anneli Purchase @Ann

Today we're featuring a wonderfully talented Canadian author, Anneli Purchase and her book, 'Orion's Gift'.


Kevin and Sylvia, running from bad relationships, meet and fall in love in Baja. Everyone should now live happily ever after, but reality is rarely like that.

Why does a lone woman come to Baja for long-term camping?

It’s like this:

The letter Sylvia receives one morning changes her life. She has to leave her old life behind, and quickly.

Her husband, Joel, hires Harvey, a private investigator, to find and bring her back. He wants her back for less than noble reasons – his reputation, revenge, and the satisfaction of teaching her a lesson.

Harvey instantly dislikes Joel, and after questioning Sylvia’s employer and friends sympathizes with her.

In this excerpt, Harvey has caught up with Sylvia on the road as she makes one last pitch for freedom. She can’t get away from Harvey by car, so she jumps out and runs for it, to escape into the hills.

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A beam of light flashed across the hillside and rested on me. I tried to outrun the light, scrambling between boulders, clawing and scrabbling through the clutter of rocks, gravel, and prickly vegetation. I tripped into a mess of cactus spines, dragged myself up and screeched obscenities as I climbed higher. And yet, I was determined to get away. I would make it. I could outrun Harvey. Wasn’t I a runner? I could zig-zag and lose the light. But there were so many rocks, and the cactus spines were brutal.

“Sylvia! Stop!” Harvey’s voice seemed to shoot along the beam of his flashlight. “There could be rattlers up there.”

“Uh! Rattlers!?” That was all I needed to stop me in my tracks, but Harvey had to go and put the icing on the cake.

“And scorpions! And tarantulas!”

“Oh-h!” I wailed. “Oh, dammit all anyway.” I wanted to sit down and sob but I didn’t dare—not with rattlers, scorpions, and tarantulas lurking. I had to get back to the safety of my van. “Oh, shit!” I skittered back down the hill.

I felt Harvey’s big hand on my elbow. With an effortless gentle yank, he pulled me up from the ditch. I was utterly defeated.


Will Harvey try to bring her back to Joel, against her will? Or will Kevin, Sylvia’s new love interest, care enough to save her?

It seems though that Kevin has problems of his own.

'Orion’s Gift' will keep you turning pages. Are Kevin and Sylvia star-crossed lovers, doomed to fail? Or will Baja nights spent stargazing bind them together forever?

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About Anneli Purchase:

Anneli Purchase has more hobbies and projects than she can pursue in one lifetime, but of them all, writing takes priority. Traveling, camping, fishing, gardening, mushroom picking, and birdwatching are her preferred pastimes when she is not writing. Anneli has lived on Vancouver Island, Canada, for most of her life. The island provides everything she needs for the activities she enjoys.

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To find out more about Anneli Purchase and her books visit -

Twitter: @anneli33


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