A review for DEAD HOPE: new suspense romance by Nikki Wells @WellsNicky

I recently read and enjoyed Nicky Wells' latest novel 'DEAD HOPE'- a full bodied suspense thriller with a dash of romance. A great read and good news, it's on a Kindle Countdown deal for just 99c/99p from 8-14 May 2017:


Here's my review from Amazon (I gave it 5/5 stars):

Well, I sat down to read a few pages and ended up putting it down finished at 2 o'clock this morning. I've never been sure what genre of book I go for and this story suited me because it's an action suspense romance thriller. What hooked me in was that right from the start I cared about the characters. The tension is well maintained and there's a bit in a ventilation shaft that had my palms sweating. There's a strong love story and of course a mystery to solve with an evil villain and an East End market barrow load of red herrings. The writing style is easy to read as the story romps along. I won't add any plot spoilers but there's a sexy girl and a well hunky hero. It's also a modern tale with clearly some research done into computer hacking and the world of data storage. It's a glass of wine story - once you've started, you've got to finish it.

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